The Incredible H-Team #1 – Comic Book Review

The Incredible H-Team #1 – Comic Book Review

ComicBookPreviewPage1_ReducedSizeI read the first comic for an educational but, fun comic book, The Incredible H-Team .  I think it was clever to make some of the character’s names/powers (heroes and villains ) based off health and disease. I loved the plot, it is a great story.

The book H-Team is about eight pre-teen Earth kids with special abilities and a 456 year old mentor from outer space. The mentor is H with over 20 super powers. On his planet, he was chosen to protect the Earth but little did he know, his sister M was jealous!

Everything M does harms the planet but she thinks it helps the planet survive. When she tries to ‘save’ the Earth, the H-team comes in to fix things. Led by H, the team is made up of 8 preteens. A boy named Mantrik, a girl named Genesis, a girl called Vision, a boy called Midas, a boy named Atlas, a girl called Spectra and a boy named Mercury.

There’s one catch though, M has her own little team of villains. A skeleton boy named Lazy Bones, a girl called Fast Fu, a girl called Sweet Tooth and a boy by the name of Cholestro. Why are the teams against each other?  They’re against each other because M thinks that everything we know that harms the earth, she thinks helps it. So the H-team need to stop THE DARK HEARTS!  Wow! Villains always get the cooler names.  Also, don’t think I didn’t notice that in the first book Mario and Luigi were there too.

I love this book because it’s awesome! The story line is simply fabulous!  The art is great! Plus, the powers that the characters have, wow! Just wow!  Nowadays, unique things are becoming common, and common things are unique. So this book is so common that it is unique, understand? Another thing I like about this book is that it has an even mix of adventure and education. Anyone who likes adventure, education, or both would like this book.  It’s a good book read it!  Go to their site:

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  1. Eric says:


    It was a pleasure to read your review. I was very impressed with your analysis and you nailed the plot and intent of the first issue. Again, I thank you for your great review and I will send young people to the site to check out your wonderful work. Keep it up and I can’t wait to get published so I can buy your first book 🙂 You are definitely inspirational!

    In healthy regards,

    Eric Paul Meredith AKA “H”
    CEO and Founder, Health Heroes

    • Zion says:

      Thank you for reading my post. Also, keep making those comics because I look forward to reading them. I think your comic is a great inspiration and also think its good to learn about health and how to help the Earth. Come back and see what else I have in store.
      Thank you.

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