I attended The African Festival Of The Arts during the Labor Day Weekend with my Dad!  Inside, we saw vendors with tables and booths full of jewelry, colorful dresses, t-shirts and other African clothes.   I was too excited about the statues and collectibles.  I love hanging out with my Dad, plus with Dad’s money I got two super cool necklaces.  One is a metal face of a Blackman and the other is a carved, curved bone.  We saw dancers, crafters, drummers and poetry performers.  The music was great and the food smelled delicious.  I was able to get a little tennis practice.  I also saw the guy who gave me my 1st djembe drum, when I was a little baby.  His name is Soumare Alassane and his business Kayra Imports.  I met a young entrepreneur named Abbagale Grant of CoCo Creations – Designs By Abby.  She made and sold bead bracelets, necklaces and more.

It was so cool to see the different products and ideas that you don’t see in most Chicago stores; like the fabrics, statues and tools.  I think children like me should go next year!  It is a fun experience and they can learn about Africa and Its Culture. It’s apart of my History!

Alassane / Kayra Imports











CoCo Creations – Designs By Abby










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