We Are Not Eaten by Yaks (An Accidental Adventure #1) Book Review!

We Are Not Eaten by Yaks (An Accidental Adventure #1) Book Review!

We Are Not Eaten by Yaks (An Accidental Adventure #1)We Are Not Eaten by Yaks (An Accidental Adventure #1) by C. Alexander London is about two kids, Oliver and Celia who are twins. They go on a remarkable series of adventures to find their mom lost on an adventure to find a lost library.  Oliver and Celia are couch potatoes whose parents are explorers. They don’t get along with their parents because they like sitting in front of the t.v., while their parents prefer going on hikes searching for treasure.

Downstairs, from where they live is an explorer’s club with a very bad and evil member named Sir Edmund. While attending the explorers’ club, Sir Edmund became jealous. He learns that Oliver and Celia’s Mother sent coded messages about ‘stone tablets’ that will lead them to a Lost Library. Sir Edmund doubts the information is true and challenges the Father to a contest to find the tablets.

The group leaves for Tibet and Sir Edmund meets up with witches and bribes them to poison the Father. Oliver and Celia will go on multiple adventures to save their poisoned Dad from witches and find their lost Mother. Sir Edmund tries to use Oliver, Celia and their parents’ notes to find the library to become rich and famous. He will do whatever it takes to steal credit for himself.

I love this book because its funny, full of action and most importantly, its awesome! Anyone who likes realistic fiction, fantasy and adventure would love this book. I give it 5 smiles! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :).  Great job C. Alexander London.  Thanks for reading everyone!

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