Odin’s Ravens (The Blackwell Pages #2) by Kelley Armstrong and M. A. Marr

Odin’s Ravens (The Blackwell Pages #2) by Kelley Armstrong and M. A. Marr

Odin's RavensOdin’s Ravens (The Blackwell Pages #2) by Kelley Armstrong and M.A. Marr is one of the most plot twisting, heart breaking, gut wrenching, wild stories I have ever read! This amazing adventure follows the story of modern descendants of the all mighty Norse gods Thor (God of Thunder, Son of Odin) and Loki (God of Mischief and Chaos) along with other great warriors of myth!

Before I get into detail about this story, you should know that Odin’s Ravens is the second book in the trilogy. The first book is Loki’s Wolves, a book about how three descendants of Thor and Loki met up and found out their true identities. Then they find out about the prophecy of Ragnarök. 

Ragnarok is an Old Norse prophecy of the world ending but the gods will stop it and when the descendents find out, they unite for many adventures together to stop Ragnarök, in place of the gods.

Matt Thorsen is a one of those modern descendants. Matt is a descendent of Thor. Matt is chosen to represent Thor in the ultimate war. Not only is he chosen to represent Thor but his best friend and cousin, Fen is chosen to represent Thor’s arch rival and brother Loki!  Even though Fen remains loyal to his cousin, the fact that he’s Loki’s blood means there are things he can’t do for Matt. Throughout the book, things happen that shift Fen’s loyalty back and forth but you have to read to find out what. One last descendant is Laurie. She is a descendent of the Valkyries, a lady warrior clan sworn to hate all men accept the God of Thunder. As the story moves forward, they are pulled further apart. What’s next? Read to find out.

I especially love this book because I have a thing for Norse mythology. Anyone who likes myth, legend, or the Percy Jackson series will absolutely adore this book! I give it a 10 out of 10 rating! Thanks for reading tune in for more.

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