The Sweetest Heist In History by Octavia Spencer – Book Review

The Sweetest Heist In History by Octavia Spencer – Book Review


The author of this book is Octavia Spencer, an African American actress/author.  The Sweetest Heist In History is her second book. Ms. Spencer’s first book is  The Case Of The Time-Capsule Bandit.  In the first book, two young friends, Randi and D.C are ninjas who decide to use their abilities to solve crimes that occur in their town.  A time capsule is stolen from the Founder’s Day Festival and they are determined to solve the mystery.

In the second book, The Sweetest Heist In History, Randi, D.C, and Pudge (a new friend) go through many struggles to find out who pulled off this bank robbery! There’s one draw back for our heroes! The sheriff and policemen are acting very peculiar and won’t take charge to help solve the mystery. The culprit is somewhere in town but who is it? Is it policemen, the sheriff, or is it one of the heroes themselves? It’s up to the kids to find this villainous mastermind!

I personally adore this story because it had so many funny moments along with unbelievably, mind-boggling plot twists. Anyone who likes Octavia Spencer, realistic fiction, adventure, or all of the above would desire this book. No joke, it’s to die for! I rate it 100%! That’s all for now!

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