The DEEP – Netflix Animated Series Review

The DEEP – Netflix Animated Series Review

To start off, I just wanted to say THE DEEP is THE GREATEST Animated Story I’ve EVER WATCHED IN MY LIFE!!!



So now that I’ve gotten that out of my chest, let’s get on with this overview. Based on the graphic novel series, The Deep: Here Be Dragons by Gestalt Publishing, comes the animated series on Netflix. The Deep is a story about a family of oceanographers who, as said in the intro explore The Deep.

The Deep is anything below the top-level of the ocean but sometimes the heroes do work on land. The main characters are the Nekton Family who consist of Antaeus (overly hyper son), Fontaine (casually doubtful daughter), Will (adventurous dad), Kaiko (occasionally over-protective mom), and Jeffrey (really smart pet fish that’s considered part of the family). The storyline is that they find an artifact and map that leads to a secret place. The mystery is that everything has something to do with their Family history.

During their adventures, they meet many enemies and friends. On the enemy side of things there is a family of pirates who ride on a steam punk looking sub called The Black Orca! On the friends side there is a mysterious man named Nereus who wants to help the Nektons find this mysterious place. Also there is Professor Fiction, The Nektons’ slightly insane scientist. In my experience of watching movies/shows that originated from books and comics, this was the most successful and well done.

The Deep is a very exciting, action filled family series. All in all, this is my favorite series ever and if the makers of the show are reading this Please Make At Least One More Season!!


Please 🙂


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