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YouTube Channel Recommendations | THE ZION SHOW

YouTube Channel Recommendations

YouTube Channel Recommendations

I’d like to tell you about a few YouTube Channel Recommendations of my favorite YouTubers . Why? Because one, they’re awesome, two, you should check them out because I’m sure many of you will love them. And three, (this is a quote from two of them) “Always plug.” meaning always plug-in links and ads and stuff to show off. I have four YouTubers to talk about. One of them, is one of my best friends and I think he deserves this. So let’s get this started.


  1. KidRookie is one of my best friends. He does gaming, random stuff and a lot of new intros! His schedule is mainly weekend posting because he goes to school. However, when he does have time to do extra; he does amazing content. The rating I would give his channel is 8/10. Not to mention, he stays very consistent and recently he’s done daily videos; so that’s also a bonus. He lives in Chicago, so go check out his channel.Blitzwinger
  2. Blitzwinger is probably the most consistent YouTuber that I know. He is also gaming based YouTuber. One of my favorite’s daily vids has four channels (Blitzwinger, FanBoyPotion, BlitzToys, and Blitz Watch).  He is very consistent with all of them. You should definitely check him out. My rating for Blitz would be 9.5/10. He lives in Canada and goes to Pax.Logan Paul
  3. Logan Paul is a vlogger and I thought, even though he has millions of followers! A vlog is a video log or video blog meaning you record almost every hour of your life for people to see. He does daily vlogs and I just thought that I might as well mention my favorite vlogger. I would rate him 10/10! He is so cool so definitely watch his channel. He was also in a movie on YouTubeRed called The Thinning.Jake Paul
  4. The final person is another vlogger who is a very good friend of Logan’s. He is Jake Paul, his brother. He does vlogs, other things just like Logan and he is a star on Disney Channel. He isn’t my second favorite vlogger but he’s really far up there. I would rate him 9/10. You really should check his channel out.

If you do check out any of these channels comment and tell them who sent you. Remember, to like comment and subscribe and turn post notifications on. Thanks everyone for checking this out and I hope you come back. Leave a comment if you liked this list.

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