The African Festival Of The Arts 2018

The African Festival Of The Arts 2018

What’s good! I’m Zion and I went to Chicago’s African Festival of the Arts 2018 in Washington Park. This is an event I go to almost every year. I love the culture and all the cool things that people are selling and showcasing. Naturally, I’m going to talk about it and do a few shout outs to some of the people I met.

So, walking in the Fest I was feeling great with my dashiki on and my parents next to me. Then we started walking through and ran into a friend of me and my parents named Alasanne. My dad got the dashiki from him and Alasanne gave me my drum which is on my shelf.

After we talked for a little bit we walked through the park looking at the dashikis and dresses. We saw some masks and statues hanging up and came to an area filled with different scented products. My Mom bought a scented body oil called Angel.

After she bought the oil we kept walking around and saw a vendor booth that was selling books. Some were about the Black Panther comic book character and some were about Black history. We saw some bags hanging up and met a guy named Toni Abasi Hill who made a book called, What If There Were No Black Folks. The book was about different things that wouldn’t exist without black people which is pretty cool and I’ll probably do a review on it later.

Afterwards, we kept walking and bought some scents and jewelry for my mom and grandma. Then I came across a man named Baba G who was selling jewelry that was featured in Black Panther. Of course I wanted some but it was pretty expensive. However, I got lucky because he and my dad had met before so he gave me a bracelet for free which was very cool so shout out to Baba G.

We continued to walk around and meat other people and we ended up getting very hungry. That’s when I found out about my new favorite food, Jerk Chicken! Overall the 2018 African Festival of the Arts was very fun. I enjoyed myself and plan on going next year. Make sure to look at some of these businesses that were there and come to the fest next year. I’m sure you'll love it.

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