Dragon Fury

Dragon Fury Concept: Zion / NKOSI Publishing & Art: Gary Pope
Dragon Fury Concept: Zion / NKOSI Publishing & Art: Gary Pope

Name: Yazi Chen
Culture: Asian
Birthplace: Chicago
Age: 15yrs old.
Base: Chicago
Family: Jackson & Gabriel Chen (Father & Mother)
Occupation: Hero | Student

Skin: Light  Hair: Black Mohawk Eyes: Light Brown Height: 5’9 Weight: 150lbs.
DragonForm: Red Skin Hair: Red Fire tinged  Eyes: Red Height: 6’1   
Red Wings, Fangs, Red tail, Claws, Hint of dragon scales.
Clothes: Teenage Boy | Hero – Fire Design Jacket, Track Pants, Athletic Shoes

Good student.

The alien terror, Chronicle sends out orbs of energy technology with the command to find organisms that match programmed character traits. After finding targets, the orbs are  to send back a digital message that confirms it found a subject. The energy orbs crash into Malcolm Cooper’s treehouse, hitting his friends. Yazi is hit in the chest and the somehow the dragon pendant absorbs most of the energy and remainder flows into Yazi.

Increased Strength. Generate objects made of Fire. Fly. He can use his tail as another appendage or whip.

Weapons/Paraphernalia: Dragon Claw Pendant. The Dragon Claw has absorbed and contained a large amount of the alien energy. Yazi transforms into Dragon Fury at will, only when wearing the pendant. Once he takes it off, he reverts back to his normal body. The Dragon Claw bonds with Yazi’s presence. If separated, by concentrating the Dragon Claw will be engulfed in fire and then appear around his neck in a blaze; transforming him into Dragon Fury. The Dragon Claw also changes any clothes that he’s wearing into the attire he was wearing when the alien energy transformed him.