Name Steven Sweet Culture Black

iRocket Concept: Zion/NKOSI Publishing & Art: Gary Pope

iRocket Concept: Zion/NKOSI Publishing & Art: Gary PopeCulture Race Black

Birthplace Chicago
Age 16
Base Of Operations Chicago
Occupation H.S. Student / Hero

Skin Medium Brown Hair Medium Black Locs & goatee Eyes Brown Height 5'6
Weight 150lbs
Clothes: Teen Clothes
Hero Form: Tron-Like Leather Duster with glowing green strips. Half Biker Gloves, Hi-Tech Boots and black pants/grey shirt.

H.S. Sophomore. Engineer. Smart. Athletic Nice Guy.

Chronicles sends out orbs of energy technology with the command to find organisms that match the character traits given and to send back a digital message that confirms it is attached to a subject.
The energy orbs crash into Malcolm Cooper's treehouse, hitting his friends, Steven included. The alien energy transforms them. Steven is hit as he is experimenting with his sound modulating equipment and holding his newly self designed guitar.

Technological Engineer. Genius Ability to design new advanced tech. Centered around sound/soundwaves.

Advanced Hi-Tech Guitar that is a conductor of iRocket's soundwave technology.

Kinetic Boots to allow him to move faster.

Hi-Tech Headset with wireless capabilities to access secure computer systems and networks using his MindWaves and SoundWaves.