Royal Legend

Royal Legend


Royal Legend Concept: Zion/NKOSI Publishing & Art: Gary Pope

Name: Malcolm Cooper
Culture:  Black 
Birthplace: Chicago
Base: Chicago
Occupation: 16yr. old H.S. Student / Hero
Parents: The Coopers
Skin: Dark Brown  Hair: Black   Eyes: Light Brown  Height: 5'10 Weight: 150lbs
Clothes: Teen Clothes
Hero Clothes: Gauntlets, Boots, Lion Belt, Stylized Hoodie Sweater & Jogging Pants.

Origin: H.S. Sophomore. Artist. Creative. Writes for School Paper. Loves Books.The alien terror, Chronicle sends out orbs of energy technology with the command to find organisms that match programmed character traits. After finding targets, the orbs are  to send back a digital message that confirms it found a subject. The energy orbs crash into Malcolm Cooper's treehouse, hitting his friends and himself. The alien energy transforms them. For Malcolm, the energy seems to have tapped into his creative mind and ingenuity. 

Molecular Manipulation: The process of changing atoms and molecules from one form to another. Therefore changing the object. This limited depending on the size, weight and complexity of the object you're creating. For example, he can create the size of the exterior structure of a small house, however creating a laptop would be easier. Something more complex requires more time, concentration and knowledge.

He can manipulate graviton molecules to propel himself, to simulate flight. This is limited to the distance and speed and his energy level.

Weapons/Paraphernalia:  Gauntlets & Boots made from the same indestructible, advanced alien metal as the orbs that empowered him.