Young Lion

Young Lion


Young Lion Concept:Zion/NKOSI Publishing Art: Gary Pope

Name Carlos Reyes
Culture  Latin
Birthplace Chicago
Age 15
Base  Chicago
Occupation  H.S. Student / Hero

Skin Light Brown  Hair Black Slicked Back & white streak  Eyes Blue Height 5'5
Weight 150lbs
Lion Form Darker Brown Hair Spiky Same Color Eyes Yellow Height 5'8 Weight
Claws Sharp Teeth
Clothes: Teen Clothes
Hero Form: Blue and Black Tank Top with padding and jogging pants


H.S. Freshman. Athletic: Martial Artist Ego Driven

Chronicles sends out orbs of energy technology with the command to find organisms that match the character traits given and to send back a digital message that confirms it is attached to a subject.
The energy orbs crash into Malcolm Cooper's treehouse, hitting his friends, Carlos included. The alien energy transforms them. As Carlos had spent the day petting baby lions at the Zoo Experience, the alien energy re-wrote his DNA with that of the big cat.

Enhanced physical attributes based on a lion's biology and features. Twice as strong as a Lion in every way; speed, senses etc.